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RIP Ted Kennedy
Senator Ted Kennedy passed away at 77.

Many scattered thoughts here. Ted Kennedy was obviously one of the most powerful Senators in the history of the United States. In fact, I would say that while John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy are more fondly remembered, Ted Kennedy had the most impact on American lives.

He was a fierce, non-apologetic advocate of liberal policies, from Civil Rights to expanding Welfare to working for Universal Health Care. reasonable people can disagree on his goals (I probably disagreed with 90% of what he believed in), but he was an extremely effective advocate of his beliefs.

He had his flaws. While he often worked acrossed the aisle (heck, in 1988 he defended Dan Quayle, pointing out they worked together on nuclear arms treaties), he could be ruthless. His speech against Judge Robert Bork was full of cheap shots. It also worked; Bork, who was extremely qualified, was rejected by the Senate.

And there was Chappaquiddick- call it recklessness, or an accident, or stupidity; a young woman died because of his actions. It probably cost him the Presidency.

If politics means that anyone who disagrees with you is either stupid or evil, then someone like me should celebrate his death. But politics shouldn't be that way. So we should celebrate his life, and remember him well.

Rest in Peace.


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